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Botanica Deep Cleanse Gel Mask: Vegan - Organic A1000

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We believe that our skin and environment are sacred and deserving of the finest care imaginable. All of the ingredients in every product we make is curated, sourced and designed for our well-being. Made in Ojai.

Botanica Deep Cleanse Gel Mask: Our unique dry blend is meant to be mixed with water or honey and used as a cleansing mask and nutrient boost for your skin. This is a mask cleanser. More time is needed than a quick wash, requiring one to slow down a bit. A gift when allowed. Our recipe includes uplifting and grounding essential oils.

We have developed a four stage ritual for your daily skin care. Follow morning and night for best results.

Instructions: Mix with water or honey, apply to skin evenly, let dry, rinse with water. using a warm cloth. Use your palm or a small bowl or jar for mixing and application. There are no preservatives, storing the wet mixture is not recommended. 

Ingredients: *Fine Green French Clay, *Raw Oats, *Raw Almonds, *Raw Sesame Seeds, *Lavender petals (fresh ground), *Chamomile flowers (fresh ground), *Calendula flowers (fresh ground), *Echinacea Powder, *Aloe Powder, *Tulsi/Holy Basil Powder, Vitamin E Oil, *Glycerin, Essential Oils of *Tangerine, *Carrot Seed, *Myrrh, *Rose Geranium, *Juniper Berries, *Frankincense, *Rose Oil, *Sweet Melissa, *Chamomile Blue German, *Certified Organic.