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Dusán and his heartfelt enthusiasm for his heritage was the gateway for Betsy into Hungary, where she ended up setting up a design studio and operations for her company. Originally hiring him as a driver and guide, Betsy and Dusán’s shared passion and blind faith in each other forged the path of the company’s humble beginnings in Hungary. Speaking more languages, he takes care of business matters, translates, builds supply chains, is an avid photographer in his free time, while collaborating on photo shoots and building our web content.

Kata is a natural creative force with a keen eye for details in everything she contributes. A painter in her free time, Kata oversees the production of all of our textiles, liaising with artisans and co-creating with Betsy, our founder. She brings her sharpness to cataloguing, storing and organizing our treasures. She has been meticulous in designing the structure we use to hold everything together.

Zita is our newest and a treasured collaborator. A gifted artisan willing to take risks she is constantly contributing to our offerings. Bringing ideas to life by using her skill as a seamstress she is now integral to our supply chain and we thank our lucky stars she is part of our team collective. Zita’s huge heart includes fostering homeless children. Our partnership and work are essential to making sure they are taken care of.

Dóra runs a small commercial sewing business employing 30 full time seamstresses in Pécs. Thinking of closing when we arrived to inquire about growing our business, she now is hopeful we can sustain our collaboration and directly save livelihoods.

As a noted Hungarian artisan who uses embroidery with a contemporary application, Cecilia has been invited by the government to participate in an intensive two-year immersive heritage program. During this time, she will remain our consultant on all thing’s embroidery, with a view of further collaboration once her studies are complete. 

Balázs is the latest addition to our team. A tour guide and writer, he employs his natural storytelling skills in communication and marketing for LB.