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Shawl: Handwoven, hand spun organic Kala cotton

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This series is made by Champa from Kutch, India. She is carrying her lineage forward by learning her craft from her father a master weaver himself. Inspired by nature, her environment, and village life, Champa is constantly observing and expressing what she sees on her loom. We present her work with great pride.

Each scarf in the collection is made from Organic Kala cotton, which is grown, processed and woven locally.

Our scarves and shawls are hand woven by artisan weavers in Kutch, India. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Inspired by their home, environment and cultural traditions, they tell a story of place, introducing us to their world view.

We work in partnerships with NGO's supporting weaving traditions in India

Hand Wash with great care

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